Enerecap Partners


Kim Cobb and Emanuele Di Lorenzo
Sonnet and Chris Edmonds
Christi and Joe Feeney

Stephanie and Iqbal Garcha
Teresa and Donald Jackson
Kendra and Jordan Krugman
Jenny and Kevin Lyman

Carisa and Dieter Quinn
Jennifer and James Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Russel V. Umphenour, III

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($1,000-$2,499)

Sandra and Marc Adams
Kathryn and Christopher Allen
Kelly and Jeff Anderson
Carolann and Jim Andrew
Stephanie and Chad Aron
Allyson and Jason Atwell
Pamela and Bill Babineau
Daniel Bassett
Natalie and Colin Bernardino
Sudie Nolan-Cassimatis and Dimitri Cassimatis
Melody Chan Hunter and Chris Chan

Alexandra and Tim Coons
Yvette and John Davis
Tracy and Von DuBose
Whitney and Dave Dziuma
Elizabeth and Chris Fox
Chris and Laura Freitag
Jennifer and Whit Friese
Betsy and Jeffrey Gaccione
Stacey and Jamie Graves
Reena and Rob Gupta
Kathleen and Mark Harrison
Rainey and Scott Henley
Angela and Zachariah Howard

Kate and Jason Ippen
Amy and Baron Jordan
Jill Lassiter Knowles and Brian Knowles
Amanda and Chris Lewis
Christin and Michael Lumpkin
Allison and Mike Medor
Lynne and Wes Moss
Katy Stout and Eric Muntz
Debbie Cazan and Drew Niess
Aimee Geissler and Marshall Norseng
Kara and Rob Pepper

Ha Tran and Thurston Prince
Kevin and Hamilton Reavey
Joanna and Grant Schindler
Samantha and Marc Schoenbaum
Michelle and Larry Schweber
Jenn and Jimmy Stafford
Wendy and Chuck Tobias
Bingham and Andy Ulsh
Jennifer and Timothy Warner
Jaime and David Wender
Neale and Todd West
Erin and Ron Yabroudy

GRADUATE ($500-$999)

Laurie Bull
Jocelyn and Will Challas
Meara and Dominic Erdozain
Kristin and Jeff Goran
Sandy and Scott Hennessy
Carson and Ryan Hobbs

Joanna and Ian Irwin
Joanna and Andrew Kobylivker
David Kooby
Brian and Michal Liske
Maria and Jonathan Lyons
Susan and Jeff Mapen

Kathleen and Dan Margalit
Mariana and Andy McGuire
Paul Merlino
Cathleen and Jeff Miller
Victor Nunez and Lisa Olmsted
Emily and Eric O’Brien

Julie and Robert Poirier
Greg and Laine Posel
Lauren and Craig Taylor
Allyson and Toby Teal
Hang Lu and Yonathan Thio
Brooke and Milton Williams
Julie and Ken Zeff

SECONDARY ($250-$499)

Brooke and Clay Anthony
Laura and Paul Baird
Stephanie and Sean Boswell
Anne and Will Barnette
Brian Bell and Julie Merrill
Connette and Nick Blake
Jessica and Glenn Braunstein
Mel Eldridge
FIG Partners LLC
Charlotte and Rob Geletka
Brynne Klasky-Goncher and Marc Goncher

Megan and Geoff Hodgson
Alison and Travis James
Katie and Jason Keehfus
Hayden and Craig Kelly
Anna and Kurt Lentz
Rick and Jennifer Lockridge
B.A. and Michael Loving
Elaine and Randy Gaeckler
Lisa and Patrick Luke
Brittany Meyer

Jessica and David Moore
Michelle Olympiadis
Cindy and Mike Phelan
Cheryl Matsumura and Brian Pierce
Marci Pitterman
Sarah and Mark Richards
Jennifer and Tim Richman
Amy and Chris Santy
Diane and Lee Schulman
Jeremy and Tracy Sharp

Dee Slaughter
Audrey Sofianos
Stacy and Kirk Strong
Liz and Andy Thompson
Natalie and Fernando Torres
Panos Tsiotras
Elizabeth and Donovan Vansant
Kelly and Patrick Webb
Kim and Geoff Wilson


Pamela Alberga
Tara Arnold
Jonathan Bookspun
Gena Cochran
Claire Davis
Mark Dunaway

Sheila Freeman
Adriana and John Gibby
Barbara and James Grant
Richard Hatcher
Mara Davis and Mike Kane
Hyun Jin Youn and Kyung Soo Kim

Brittany Meyer DMD PC
Laurel and Dylan Miyake
Mark Miller
Amelia Morel
Alison and Matt Prout
Adina and Bruce Rudisch
Emily Sharkey

David Sibilsky
Charmaine and Ken Smith
Brad Spickert
Daniel Triandiflou
Totka Valkova
Ruth and Paul Warner

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